The big, bad Zerk is going to huff and puff and blow all of Lady Toxica’s clothes off in their latest set, Fairy Tale, only available in the members area of Cosplay Deviants. 

@frecklesue and I showing off the new @cosplaydeviants #book!

Coming soon!

Just gonna wear this to Cosplay Sunday tomorrow.

It’s a wrap! #Rule63 #Fetishist #Loki (#Avengers) #photoshoot for #CosplayDeviants is done! #FingersCrossed that it gets accepted!
The 2014 calendar is now available and features some of your favorite models in 12 calendar-exclusive images. Get Yours Here 

I haven’t done a thong Thursday in like a year . Time flies. Ive been working out so hopefully my bum has improved lol #cosplaydeviants #thongthursday

Bored so thought I would do a test to see how I would look as #tifa . What do you think? #cosplaydeviants

New set on @cosplaydeviants … Cassie Hack, from Hack/Slash comics. 💕 Use my name VIVKA at sign up and get 50% off your first month (so it’s only $5)! #cosplay #costume #fishnet #model #photoshoot #altgirls
In Poppy Sincair’s debut set, Mon Cher, she like her dirty talk a little on the macabre side. Check it out, only in the members area of Cosplay Deviants. 
Toxic Techno wanted to get out of the tower for a little bit, catch her blowing off some steam in, Titan, only in the members area of Cosplay Deviants. 

My favorite cosplay shot of the week. Hahahaha, I’m really good at this!
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One of my favorite pictures of Squeaks and I. Taken while shooting for Cosplay Deviants. 

Most I’ve ever smiled in a photo. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PICTURE!
Marie Jane isn’t just another fish in the sea, she’s the catch of the day! Check out Fish Girl, only in the members area of Cosplay Deviants. 
Q: not really a question but i just wanted to say that i loved seeing yal representing at dragoncon...

Thanks! We’ll be back next year. 

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