My last minute nudist beach #Satsuki for #KhaoticKon yesterday.  Like me on fb #salaciouseos #CosplayDeviants #CosplayDeviant #eos #killlakill #satsuki #nudistbeach #closetcosplay

Should I do it?  Like me on fb  #satsuki #nudistbeach #killlakill #cosplay #CosplayDeviant #salaciouseos #eos #CosplayDeviants
Q: OMG. You are gorgeooooooooous. Please do some of the things I do and wait for my response =3= <3 You're a total baaaabe! <3 <3


I want to ;-;
I wanna try out to be a Cosplay Deviant so bad.
But 1. No camera, or decent picture taking device
And 2. ;-; I don’t know if I can…
I mean, I know I’m not terrible, there’s just parts of me that I wish were a little different. :c and it makes me feel gross.
Maybe one day I’ll work up the confidence. I’ll send something your way when that happens :3

Never hurts to apply

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KathTea Katastrophy is everyone&#8217;s favorite merc with a mouth in her latest set, Comic Relief. Check it out, only in the members area of
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My poison Ivy outfit I’m going to be doing a shoot in. &lt;3
If there&#8217;s something strange happening in your pants, who you gonna call? Call Lolita Zombie! Or, you can check out her latest set, Lucy in the members section

Another one from my shoot as Medusa Gorgon from the anime Soul Eater. Shot at Dragon*Con 2013.Photography and editing by Michael Iacca http://insane-pencil.deviantart.com2 sets of this character are being submitted to soon. Leave the above credits in tact when reblogging. 

Fan of my #Chell #cosplay? I have these two prints from my @cosplaydeviants set “huge success” up for sale on my #etsy shop! Custom signatures available and I only have a couple of them so get ‘em while they’re naked!

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A little PG13 set teaser behind the scenes video thinger for my new Jayne Cobb set Space Merc available only at Cosplay deviants.

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Q: What are you using as the gun prop? Jayne's is a LeMat with some extra bits welded on, which is really distinctive, and it looks like yours is actually fairly close.


Thanks… I have a limited budget and I am kind of novice and god awful at making weapon props and armor myself but that’s something I really want to get better at because it would make my costumes 1000 times cooler ^_^… so I did the best I could and just found a toy revolver pistol prop, I’ve used it for my Haruko cosplay as well. I know very little about gun names, they are fancy and sexy and all that I just know very little on the technical end about them. If I had monies and wanted to do it proper I’d make or buy this though… in retrospect it wouldn’t have been too difficult to modify the toy with some clay and spray paint though… I wasn’t that clever ::face palm::


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Q: How much editing are you allowed to do on a set? Obviously not heavy editing, but is skin smoothing and small imperfection covering allowed?

Whatever makes you more comfortable :) 

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