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Polaroid by The Sinful Side of SSD from our shoot today with Hex Hypoxia for our new holiday Cosplay Deviants set.
Happy #ThongThursday everyone


I was accepted to Cosplay Deviants!
Woo, now I just need to choose a costume and shoot it. C:

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After taking care of business, our favorite saint Ethereal is looking for a little Absolution. Watching her come clean in her latest set Hitman Hunter, only in the members area of Cosplay Deviants. 
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Heres a preview of my 4th Doctor costume!Want to see more? Keep your eye on Deviance Magazine!
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You don’t want Melissa Drew writing your name down in that little book of hers. Check out Deadly Idol, only in the members area of Cosplay Deviants.
Aki-Con's Sexual Assault Case


Aki-con, held October 25-27, 2013 in Seattle, Washington, had an incident occur over the course of the convention weekend which has resulted in a massive fallout. A minor was sexually assaulted by a guest DJ for the convention, DJ Victor Malice. He has been charged, with a trial date planned sometime in February.

This kind of response by any organization is disgusting. We will never, in any way, support Aki-Con based on how they handled this.  

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Happy #ThongThursday everyone
Anna Cherry is the kind of zombie killer everyone wants in their group. Attractive, smart and always willing to give up her last med kit. Check out Crash Course, only in the members area of Cosplay Deviants.