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Q: what does cosplay deviants do for birthdays

Eat cake and ice cream

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Happy sundies from Bear and Cosplay Deviant potential Freshie Juice!
I’m back! (Cosplay Deviants)


My profile on Cosplay Deviants is back up,and I’ll be sending in my Gwen Stacy set soon. (Once Took is approved as my photographer.) And then I’ll be getting back in shape to shoot some more!
I’m freaking excited!

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Q: Have you guys set up booths or special events For Acen or any Chicago convention?

We have set up at C2E2 in the past. But it is not on our 2014 tour.

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Q: Hi! You are so beautiful. You inspired me to love and own my body, apply to be a cosplay deviant and say "fuck you" to slut shamers! Thank you for that.


Awwww thanks love. Yea once you have confidence in what you do there’s really nothing anyone can say to hurt you. Best of Luck on your new adventure! :)

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