it’s backstage time :)

Who is the pg? ;)

The set is for cosplaydeviants.com

thanks to all the staff of the set ;)


Guys I’m applying for Cosplay Deviants and I can’t breathe I’m so fucking nervous right now.

Good luck dear

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Caption this Sailor Jupiter picture. http://ift.tt/1t3SlQq
porphyriasuicide​ newest set is out this morning, and you won’t want to miss it! See her full set, ‘Liberi Fatali,’ on www.CosplayDevaints.com/

Boobs in the car, passenger side
Dovah is adorable in her latest set “Pon-3” on www.CosplayDeviants.com/join/ ♡ #CosplayDeviants #Cosplay #MLP #MyLittlePony #MLPCosplay


Shot my first Cosplay Deviant set yesterday. Simply waiting on my amazing photographer to finish editing the pictures, and submit them to the sight. I had SO much fun! It was a great first time experience and I’m so happy with absolutely everything. I’m also really surprised at what a workout I got during the shoot. I’m sore all over, but I’m pretty much on Cloud 9 still even today.

Good luck!

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That ain’t right.

Direct from camera shot from the @cosplaydeviants shoot with @anastassiabear and @wtfrell. Natural light can be a bitch, but when it works, it works! #cosplay #pantyandstocking #anime #genderbend #cosplaydeviants