Squeaks wants to show you the way in her newest set, ‘Gekko Captain. Squeaks has 10 sets on CosplayDeviants.com Have you seen them all?


I just became a Cosplay Deviant’s potential. Check out the site, and enjoy all the beautiful people. I’ll keep everyone updated here as to when my first set goes live. It will most likely be a little while, as I’ve got a lot going on, and new deviants get posted only a couple of times a month.

New models are released every Monday. 

Good luck on your first set <3

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Welcome Renee Storm, the first of her name, the unburnt, to the site with her debut set, &#8216;Mother of Dragons,&#8217; this morning on www.CosplayDeviants.com/join/
Google will stop calling games 'free' when they offer in-app purchases

We think this is great. Pay-to-win games are fine, if they’re what that person or persons really wants to play. Disguising games as FREE when they are pay-to-win is hopefully going the way of the dinosaur! What do you think of this?

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Since one of our admins was out of town, let&#8217;s play catch up on the stunning sets that have come out this past week!
anastassiabear wants to take you on a rogue mission, in her newest set &#8216;Tainted Love&#8217; in the member&#8217;s section of CosplayDeviants.com!

Batgirl Justice Magazine by Stanley Lau / Website / Tumblr
KathTea Katastrophy&#8217;s new set will make you feel lucky! Go check out her set, &#8216;Konakona,' in the member's only section of Cosplay Deviants today!

So awhile ago, @timooteexo came to my city and we shot a set, I am sad to say this set will not be hitting SG, but it was a fun shoot either way :) #Pokemon #pikachu #Cosplay #AshKetchum #PokemonAdventure #SgHopeful #HopefulSuicideGirls #PokemonBabes #SGWestCoast #LovesSGHopefuls #tattooed #Pierced #CosplayDeviants #025

Their loss. It would be rather welcome on CosplayDeviants.com &lt;3

#ryukomatoi #senketsu #lifefibersync #cosplaydeviants #ax2014

Bikini Misty &lt;3

+she dreams in shades of grey+
apparently the other morning when i was drunk i decided to play with my webcam. had no memory of this, and found it today. fun times..because of reasons. or something.