Q: Can guys do sets too? I wouldnt mind getting into this for the ladies. Love the site by the way.

Yes, we have a full gallery dedicated to our male Deviants.

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So there once was a party during Gen Con called “Dungeons & Deviants”. So far I’ve seen EVERYTHING! #GenCon #CosplayDeviants #WeTrippyMane

Fishnet Friday loves!!!
Q: Hello I have a question about Cosplaydevients. My friend is thinking about trying out a set but is on the edge because on the payment any paying for photographer. She knows that deviants will pay her but is wondering if she has to pay the photographer or do you guys do? The reason I'm asking instead of her is because I'm the one who would be taking and editing the photos. Also love you guys keep up the great work.

Models and photographers are paid separately, we believe in making sure that all parties involved in set creation are paid so that everyone is compensated fairly. 

Thanks for the compliment <3

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porphyriasuicide needs to go powder her nose, but first she has a joke to tell you&#8230; go &#8216;ketchup&#8217; on her full new set, &#8216;Raven McCoy,&#8217; on www.CosplayDeviants.com/join/


Oh man I’m sore everywhere but it was so worth it. GenCon was amazing and the Cosplay Deviants afterparty was awesome.

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domiscosplay​'s latest set, 'Soul Cleansing,' is sure to tantalize! Don't miss a single shot of her set on www.CosplayDeviants.com/join/
Don&#8217;t forget to pre-order your tickets for our Dragon Con after party in 9 days at the Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta! Our deviants can&#8217;t wait to see you there! Get your tickets here, before they&#8217;re sold out! :: http://cosplaydeviants.ticketleap.com/anightonthegrid/

We are calssy, sexy, @cosplaydeviants and this is what we do when #GenCon is over ♡ @vividvivka & @madivalentine #CosplayDeviants

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Come by booth #2037 at #GenCon to see @annasthesiasg, @ohai_porphy, and @envyuscosplay until 6! We can&#8217;t wait to see you at Game Night tonight! #CosplayDeviants