Q: How much editing are you allowed to do on a set? Obviously not heavy editing, but is skin smoothing and small imperfection covering allowed?

Whatever makes you more comfortable :) 

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Midwest Media Expo!
come meet myself, Vivka, Porphyria and many others! we’re super excited about it..are YOU? 
please let us know what you’re looking forward to here http://www.midwestmediaexpo.com/guests.php
the bottom of the page you can comment , let people know you’re excited to see us and we can keep coming back! <3

I can’t wait to be apart of this, I hope it’s magical :3 <3!!

@madivalentine and I making your comic dreams come true whether it’s Marvel or DC #domino #marvel #DC #Powergirl #cosplay #cosplaydeviants #megacon
Frell won’t let a little thing like being dead stop her from having a bit of fun. Check out Undead Vigilante, only in the members area of www.CosplayDeviants.com.
Denali isn’t just a mad evil ex, she’s Bi Furious! Check out her debut set only in the members section ofwww.CosplayDeviants.com
Q: Hello! ^-^ To become a Cosplay Deviant, would one actually have to shoot a set cosplaying, for example, an actual school girl from an anime/manga (like a specific character), or would a generic - but well done - japanese schoolgirl themed set be accepted as well? Thank you!

Yes, we do require that our sets require established costumes and characters.

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Q: Got to stop by your booth this weekend at megacon and talk to a few of your guys. Was a blast meeting you. And it really inspired me a lot. Between wanting to get back into photography and maybe potentially modeling?(once I get in shape again haha). But the whole idea of the company is fascinating to me and I hope to get to work for you or someone similar some day even just on the side or for fun or something, anyways. Thanks for a great time at megacon.

Thanks for the compliments and thanks for stopping by the booth! 

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Sally Sparrow Cosplay / Alt Model Shodan would like to sing you a little song, in her latest set, Vampire queen. Only available in the members area of www.CosplayDeviants.com

Harley and Batman! #devianceorl #Deviants #cosplay #cosplaydeviants #investcomics #megacon #megacon2014 #harleyquinn #batman


Hey hey I just posted an intro thread on the CosplayDeviants forums, so go say hi. I’m brand new!

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Awesome shot from our #cosplaydeviants party at #megacon

Editing photos from the @cosplaydeviants #devianceorl party at #Megacon and I couldn’t keep @annasthesiasg’s booty to myself. #shortfusebts #cosplaydeviants #datass