anna-cherry and anastassia bear

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this is what happens while shooting custom polaroids…i take breaks to make silly webcam pics lol
We couldn’t be more excited for our Dungeon’s and Deviants party at Revel Nightclub & Lounge this Saturday night! All of your favorite Deviants will be there and we will be having giveaways and drink specials all night! We hope we’ll see you there!
Q: Are you guys planning to come to any event in Brazil? =)

We’d love to! But we do not have any in mind.

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Start your morning fresh and bright with Lady Fate Cosplay's set, 'Dark Daughter,' on
@amyfantasea  makes one fantastic Yoko!

#CosplayDeviants  #Cosplay
anna-cherry is taking anastassiabear to the ‘Danger Zone’ in their newest set on Cosplay Deviants. ♥
We can not get enough of @annacherrytm’s out of this world #sundies! Yowza! 

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Squeaks representing #Sundies from her set, ‘Gekko Captain,’ in the member’s section of
blindvanitydeviant​ is magical in her set, ‘Duel Spirit,’ on

Tomorrow….! I’ll be art modeling at the Sailor Moon themed @drsketchysoc at @rothick 🌙💜 Come on out and draw me as Luna, from 7pm-10pm! Only $10 pre pay or $12 at the door. (Pay at #sailormoon #sailormooncrystal #moonie #luna #cat #cosplay #costume #artmodel #goodtimes #noodlesalad
porphyriasuicide is one of the models you’ll have the chance to meet next week at #GenCon! We’ll be at booth 2037 and we’ll be hosting the con’s hottest after party! Don’t miss the Dungeons & Deviants party on Saturday night! We can’t wait to see you there!
@hexhypoxia just finished wrapping up a shoot for @cosplaydeviants, and we can’t wait to see it!

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