Shot my new cosplay for myself and @cosplaydeviants ! Best part is that I didn’t have to wear a wig for this one! 😁👍 #link #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaydeviants #zelda #orcarinaoftime #lolitazombie #triforce #nofilter (at Photographers in Philadelphia)

Here’s a sexy preview of my MK9 Jade set I did for Cosplay Deviants.
Vivid Vivka might be an ice woman, but she’s anything but cold hearted. Check out Yuki Onna, only in the members area of
Q: I loooove this, my only complaint is the lack of men, But I suppose in general there is a lack of men in the cosplay community. I love how in the models just embody the character in most of the shoots A+++

Thanks! The males we do feature have their own gallery on the site. Unfortunately we do not get much male content submitted. We do however encourage males to apply!

Here’s some Male Content for you from 18fly’s latest set:

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Megacon 2014 Friday-497 by ghostlygavin After Party at Backstage Friday night
Q: Hello! My name is Jessica and I've been a cosplayer since I was 12. I'm 24 now and have recently become very interested Cosplay Deviants. I love the whole idea message behind it. A lot of people may see it as just porn but I see it as people with lots of courage and an art form of it's own. I feel like it's pretty empowering at the same time because you accept models of all shapes, sizes, and races which is wonderful! I would seriously love to try and become a Cosplay Deviant someday <3

That’s awesome Jessica! We welcome everyone who is interested in becoming a model to fill out our model application which can be found here:

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Babes on babes. I was a happy lady at the #borderlands group shoot… Got to meet @windofthestars and see the lovely @enasniv again! 😍#lilliththesiren #madmoxxi #borderlands2
Anastassia Bear, the Lady of Dreams learns that one must change or die, and makes her decision in her latest set Cold Embrace. Only, in the members area of
NurseHarley is enjoying her first tastes of freedom! Check out Magi Slave, only in the members area


Hi, so today’s topic is dress code regulations for cosplay at termed “family friendly” cons. Majority of cons have a family friendly policy in regards to dress code regulations for cosplay, and while this is just fine and EVERYONE should be able to enjoy the convention regardless of age or…

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My last minute nudist beach #Satsuki for #KhaoticKon yesterday.  Like me on fb #salaciouseos #CosplayDeviants #CosplayDeviant #eos #killlakill #satsuki #nudistbeach #closetcosplay

Should I do it?  Like me on fb  #satsuki #nudistbeach #killlakill #cosplay #CosplayDeviant #salaciouseos #eos #CosplayDeviants
Q: OMG. You are gorgeooooooooous. Please do some of the things I do and wait for my response =3= <3 You're a total baaaabe! <3 <3


I want to ;-;
I wanna try out to be a Cosplay Deviant so bad.
But 1. No camera, or decent picture taking device
And 2. ;-; I don’t know if I can…
I mean, I know I’m not terrible, there’s just parts of me that I wish were a little different. :c and it makes me feel gross.
Maybe one day I’ll work up the confidence. I’ll send something your way when that happens :3

Never hurts to apply

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KathTea Katastrophy is everyone&#8217;s favorite merc with a mouth in her latest set, Comic Relief. Check it out, only in the members area of