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Test footage for a proposed Deadpool movie is floating around online right now, starring Ryan Reynolds as Weapon X. It has been repeatedly removed from sites over the last of couple of days, usually shortly after going up, so see it while you can!
What are your thoughts?

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Vintage Cosplay Deviants: Chibi’s set ‘Traspasser’ came out 4 years ago in 2010! Go check out all of her sets on CosplayDeviants.com!
Many of you have been asking, and we’re happy to announce the OFFICIAL event team for the Cosplay Deviants booth at Gen Con! Be sure to come by booth 2037 and meet:Madison ValentineSally Sparrow Cosplay / Alt Model ShodanVivid VivkaEnvy Us DeviantPorphyria R’lyehAnnasthesia And don’t miss our events on Friday and Saturday night including Dub that Hentai and our first ever Dungeons and Deviants Party!

Sexy Lucy Heartfilia preview from my set I did for Cosplay Deviants. May I just say DAMN MY LEGS LOOK AWESOME!!!! lol
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Hey There Hoth Stuff
A tribute to the Tauntaun—intestines and all.
Available to buy in everything here.
Amy Fantasea is working on her newest cosplays this summer. We think she’s looking pretty spectacular! What do you think? 

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They were so amazing. #JackSkellington #Sally #Thor #thefanismyhammer

Kinda just happened 
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Wanna watch some deviants make you some cookies in nothing but their undies? 

Soul Sisters 2 by anastassia-bear