Happy #ToplessTuesday from Ichigo’s set, ‘Tessen,’ on CosplayDeviants.com
Q: I'm thinking about becoming a deviant but my only concern is I don't want to be shot down for my scars. I had major surgery as a child and I have two very large scars on my chest and side and I have been turned down by other modeling agencies because of them. Is this something that would cause you to turn down photos?

Absolutely not! Many of our models have scars, stretch marks, birth marks, etc. We’re all different, so please don’t let your medical scars keep you from applying! What’s more important to us is that you love to cosplay! :)

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Lady Fate Cosplay is “The Tenth” coming. There’s a joke there, I’m sure of it. Check out this gorgeous Deviant’s full set on CosplayDeviants.com/
#DragonCon day 1 was a success! Come see us at booth(s) 508 & 509 all weekend! And don’t forget about our party getting ready to start right now at the Hard Rock Velvet Underground! Hashtag you party photos with #CosplayDeviants so we can see what you see! ♡
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Finally have a location for my first Cosplay Deviants photo shoot, a photographer, and a date all set. All that is left to do is find the perfect pair of panties! Only two and a half weeks left, and I’m getting really excited.

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'Life Matters' in MarieJane's latest set on CosplayDeviants.com
Happy #Sundies Tumblr followers! From Ch3xy’s set, ‘Mathematical.’ Sundies are the best way to start, or end, your day!
Q: Do you plan on getting Jessica Nigri to model for you?

We do not approach anyone to model for us. Instead we believe that when someone is ready to become a Deviant, they will take the steps to do so. We don’t want there to be any pressure on models to create content, we want it all to be fun and natural.  

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